Tree Roots

Tree roots can cause damage to buildings, walls, patios and driveways. They often cross boundaries and cause neighbour disputes as trees also provide much needed privacy and screening. However many tree owners aren't aware of the potential problem until cracks appear in their property, or until a letter arrives from a neighbour, insurance company or solicitor claiming a tree is causing damage to a neighbour's property. Occasionally cases do get to Court (see the links to the right >>> "The Law" and "For Professionals" links)

The following pages provide some introductory information, according to your situation. Many cases are complex but with some sound technical advice can be resolved readily easily. Some cases may require monitoring over several months, both to identify both the cause of problems and the best solution. Where trees belong to Councils or are protected by Tree Preservation Orders or are within a Conservation Area it is essential that good evidence is collected to ensure a reasonable chance of ensuring tree removal.

Our principal consultant Dr Jon Heuch has dealt with over 1000 domestic subsidence and tree root cases since 2003 and acted for both tree owners and parties whose property has been damaged.

We can review technical documents, prepare reports for insurers, court cases or provide general advice on the phone. If site visits are required we focus on London and South East England.

Our new website  will shortly be up and running with a variety of tree root information