If this tree fell down....

Case law has highlighted the need to have trees inspected on a regular basis by suitably qualified personnel.....but how often and by whom? What cost is considered unreasonable?

Roadside trees and those nearby places accessible by the public are best inspected on an annual basis. Suitable records are required in case of future incidents. If you own a tree or trees in such circumstances and haven't had them inspected in the last five years AND you have some cause for concern we recommend that you make contact with a tree professional with reasonable haste. A tree surgeon local to you or a tree warden (contact your Parish Council or visit The Tree Council's website http://www.treecouncil.org.uk/?q=node/366) may be able to provide you with advice either free or cheaply but where a more thorough inspection is required for insurance or general duty of care purposes Duramen can assist you.

Three relatively recent publications of the tree safety group may be of use: www.forestry.gov.uk  - see Publications

Duramen are suitably qualified, experienced and hold the necessary insurance to undertake safety inspections of all trees.