The following publications are not readily available even in University libraries. If you are willing to pay, the British Library Document Supply service ( should be able to assist:

Stanton B & G Wignall (1995): Tree Roots: a forseeable nuisance? Solicitors Journal 139 (44) (17 November 1995) pps 1146-1147

Wignall G (1998): Handling subsidence claims: damage by tree roots. Solicitors Journal 142 (22) (5 June 1998) pps 520-521

Wignall G (1999): Tree root subsidence - a working guide. Solicitors Journal 143 (31) (6 August 1999) pps 756-757

Subsidence Guide from Davies Lavery (now part of Kennedy group).

Driscoll R and Skinner H (2007) Subsidence damage to domestic buildings: a guide to good technical practice. BRE Press. ISBN 978 1 86081 977 3 covers more than just tree root activity.

CSIRO (2001): Plant Roots in Drains - Prevention and Cure. (available for download at a small price 6 page pamphlet with 4 pages listing recommended minimum distances that a variety of Australian species should be kept from sanitary drains.

 NHBCTechnical Standards: